Beery bard in a burgeoning borough, Petworth. Sept 28-Oct 22 2016

Love’s LaBeers Lost is onstage Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Sept 28 – Oct 22. Top ticket price $20.

Experience the wide variety of entertainment and dining options in a rapidly changing neighborhood with a great meal and an innovative play in a bar. Petworth, about four Metro stops from downtown DC, offers the latest trendy, independent artisan restaurants, side by side with the cheap eats that kept residents fed and entertained during its scruffier years. Insider must-do: Upshur Street Books, the local bookstore where the President and his family famously did their Christmas shopping a couple of years ago, is a new Washington treasure that gives you a sense of the 21st-century-DC vibe you’ll feel when you walk these blocks. (Metro: Columbia Heights for Meridian Pint, Georgia Ave/Petworth for DC Reynolds)

Roll with the beer theme by having dinner at Meridian Pint, which sits squarely at the middle of great food, lively fellow diners, and a cool bare-concrete-accented-with-luxury-finishes décor. As the name implies, their craft beer offerings are impeccable, although cocktail and wine drinkers will also be attended to. The food emphasizes elevated bar/diner dishes. Their burgers are quite spectacular. There’s also always something nice with a piece of fish in the middle. The menu is seasonal, but their delicious roast chicken is nearly always there. Indulge within reason. Unlike most of the shows we send you to, tonight’s doesn’t represent a pause in the flow of alcohol. (3400 11th St NW, Washington, DC (202) 588-1075

Looking to save some cash and a few steps? Skip Meridian Pint and head straight to DC Reynolds, the bar-cum-theatre, an hour before curtain. Grab a burger, or something more elaborate. We’ve done this before for other plays at this place, and they serve better-than-average pub grub. This will also let you get the lay of the land and give you time to wonder how the show-amongst-the-drinkers is possibly going to work. Beer is good. Cocktails are OK. If you care what wine tastes like, you should probably stick with Meridian Pint.  (3628 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010)

Clink glasses with royalty in Love’s LaBeers Lost, a bar room setting of a light and funny Shakespeare play that may be new to you as it doesn’t get performed very often. The young King of Navarre and his closest friends make a vow to live three years in celibacy, sobriety, and study – a vow which they all of course break; and you’ll be there to watch, laugh, and perhaps help. A pretty princess and her ladies in waiting arrive and add complications. We’ve enjoyed LiveArtDC’s three previous bar/play combinations, and expect great things from this one as well. You will spend the show sitting or standing around the bar, free to order refills any time you like. The action will go on all around you. Shakespeare purists need not apply, but they will be missing out. (LiveArtDC at DC Reynolds 3628 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC no box office phone

If you need one more after the show, stay at DC Reynolds to chat up other audience members and any of the cast who hang around. Thank the bar staff for continuing to host this wonderful silliness. Talk about whether this play might not belong in the high school curriculum where Romeo and Juliet currently lives. It’s also about adolescents. There’s way less gang warfare and drug abuse. No youngsters have to die. It’s about whether to go to college or just get on with life, a question all teens face.