Your Guide to a Great Evening Out in Washington DC


Welcome to Just the Ticket: The Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington, D.C.  It’s time that visitors to Washington had a chance to do something during their evening in town, other than have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe or troll the bars of Adams Morgan.

We’ve just released the January-March Edition, which includes eleven nights of great evenings out in the best local entertainment districts in DC.

Download the free 25-page PDF now!  Just the Ticket Jan-Mar 2017: The Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington, D.C.

You can also purchase the $.99 Kindle e-book version; we love the e-book for ease of reading and using the web links and phone numbers to make reservations and get directions, on your iPhone, Android or Kindle.

A native Washingtonian and her trusty sidekick of over 20 years have become a two-person publicity machine, helping visitors to our hometown find cool options for a great night out.  Every three months we assemble and publish our suggestions for twelve nights of dinner, live entertainment, and drinks, in some of the best DC nightlife neighborhoods, all available in a nearly-free Kindle ebook.  About once a week we’ll update you on this web site with more info, suggestions and tips from our fellow local bon vivants.

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