Latest Edition, Hot Off the [Virtual] Press!


We are pleased as punch to announce the release of the Jul – Sep 2016 edition of Just the Ticket: An Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington, DC.

This edition is a bit different from our prior offerings.

First, it’s out in plenty of time to read through it and make some plans before any of the shows start up. It’s taken a lot of new discipline to tighten up our schedule. If we didn’t crow about this a little bit, we’d pop.

We’re particularly excited that the Capital Fringe festival will flood July 7th – 31st with scores of thrilling shows.  Rather than trying to select particular shows to suggest, we’ve asked one of our favorite local writers, Trey Graham, to create a special roll-your-own Great Evening Out from the offerings of the festival and restaurants and bars nearby, entitled “How to Fringe Without Losing Your Mind.”  Thanks, Trey!

Unlike many cities where lots of the live performing arts take the summer off, Washington has a real year-round theater scene.  Fortunately, many locals also head out over the summer, so you will likely find it a bit easier to get into the incredibly popular restaurants and bars here in town.  Win-win for the visitor looking for a Great Evening Out!

In another big change for this edition, you can grab a PDF of the book to print out  (it’s just 26 pages) or read on your computer or iPad.  We also continue to make it available through the Kindle store at Amazon if you want the convenience of getting it loaded automatically to your Kindle or the Kindle App on your device. Our passion for this project has always been to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful restaurants, theaters, and bars around DC. Offering more ways to get it out to people advances that cause and makes it even easier for you to share with friends. Please do!

As ever, we’re eager to hear from you. Let us know how you feel about the new edition by dropping us a line at peteandsara@greateveningsout.com.

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