Twenty-first Century Travel Like a Local

The information age is a golden time to be a traveler.  Back in the day, you pretty much couldn’t find a cozy apartment in Rome since there was no Airbnb, or get the skinny on a restaurant in Omaha since there was no Yelp or TripAdvisor, or figure out how to get around most cities since there was no Uber app.  Now everything is right there on your phone, and you can do all of the above plus plan turn-by-turn walks in street view on Google maps from thousands of miles away.

Travel was harder back then!  Especially if you liked to get the skinny on local experiences and hidden treasures that make a trip truly special, unique and all-yours.

In addition to using those phenomenal gizmos we keep in our pockets, we also frequently read brief, focused guides by locals that we find in Amazon’s Kindle store.  The economics of digital books let us discover affordable foodie destinations in Tuscany and travel memoirs from Scotland’s West Highlands Way, which we devoured and then used in the last year to plan wonderful vacations.  These peak travel experiences, and the ebooks that facilitated them, inspired us to write and publish our quarterly 99-cent Kindle e-book, Just the Ticket: An Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington, DC.

Are you as app-mad as we are, when you travel?  Do you love the “live like a local” feeling you get from the wealth of research you can do online?  What online tools are in your arsenal for travel planning?  Please either post your trip planning secrets to the comments here or send a message to  If you send a message, please let us know whether we can mention your name if we find a way to use your great ideas.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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