The globe-trotting edition of Just the Ticket, coming your way soon

The April-June 2016 edition of Just the Ticket: An Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington, DC, will be hitting Amazon later today.  It has 12 more Great Evenings Out – all happening during April, May, or June.

Without conscious intention, we curated a bunch of evenings that celebrate the diversity of DC.  In this edition, you’ll find delicious meals from Belgium, Laos, Italy, Japan, Spain, and all over Latin America.  The plays also contain international content, with several telling the stories of recent immigrants to America, one taking you on a road trip in mythic China, one sweeping you through heroic renaissance France, and one performed in Spanish with English titles projected.  We hope you’ll enjoy one or more of these evenings. 

We hope you’ll also use your daylight adventures to revel in what a cosmopolitan place DC has become.  Listen for other languages from nearby knots of travelers.  Try a cuisine you haven’t run across before.  Savor the Asian art in the Sackler gallery, a beautiful museum many visitors miss, even though it’s part of the Smithsonian.  Walk past embassies along Massachusetts Ave NW from Sheridan Circle to the National Cathedral to see how DC connects with the rest of the world.  Discover why the world comes to DC and why the world’s presence here makes DC great!

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