Kicking off with Great Evening #1

critichoundPerformances have started for The Critic / The Real Inspector Hound at Shakespeare Theatre.  That means Great Evening #1 from our quarterly ebook Just the Ticket: An Insider’s Guide to Great Evenings Out in Washington DC is yours to enjoy, most evenings now through the show’s closing on Feb. 14th.

The show hasn’t been reviewed in the press yet, but there’s a great Washington Post feature about the show and about director Michael Kahn’s stormy, lifelong relationship with critics to get you excited for the show.  A picture caption in the story also let us know that the talented Hugh Nees will be in the cast, which is great news for the audience.  We’ve laughed at him in many roles over the years, including a gangster and an infant – those may have been in the same show.  We look forward to how he is used in this show.

 To save money when you see the show, there are some specific discounts on offer at Shakespeare Theatre:

  • Military members with ID: 25% off.
  • Seniors 60 and older: 10% off. 
  • Young ‘uns 35 and under: $25 tickets at select performances. 
  • Last-minute seats: Two hours before curtain for every performance, any remaining seat is only $25 (in person at the box office only). 

Take advantage of any of these to marshal your money for the bar after!

We are now looking forward to Just the Ticket Great Evening #3, featuring Sisters Rosensweig at Theatre J in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.  There are now early-bird half-price tickets available to many performances at  That show debuts on January 13th

Please have a great evening out while you’re in DC, let us know what it’s like for you, and tell us where you had a bite or a drink before or after the show.

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know about the last minute tickets. That’s great for those last minute “uh, what to do?” moments. Thanks for the info!

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